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Will supply of S-300 to Syria harm Russia-Israel ties?

Moscow's decision to supply Syria with S-300 missile system has met a strong reaction from Israel but experts say the move will not risk the Israel-Russian relationship.

Some analysts doubted Russia will actually transfer the S-300 to the government of President Bashar al-Assad, who has presided over more than seven-year-old civil war.

Macron Rejects Trump’s Iran Strategy at UN Security Council

U.S. President Donald Trump started a special session of the UN Security Council on Wednesday by defending his decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and ratchet up sanctions on the Islamic Republic, but that move drew quick criticism from one of America’s closest allies.

Hosting a Security Council meeting he requested, Trump reiterated his view that the 2015 nuclear agreement was a “horrible, one-sided deal,” and said that oil sanctions targeting Iranian oil sales in November will be followed by additional measures that will be “tougher than ever before.”

Macron: US withdrawal from Iran deal resulted in a 'serious crisis of confidence'

French President Emanuel Macron on Wednesday said that a "serious crisis of confidence" has emerged after US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

In his message before the UN Security Council, Macron said that while the 2015 deal is "imperfect", it ensures that Iran would not be able to obtain nuclear weapons.

Merkel says still unclear what Britain wants in Brexit talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday that Britain had still not expressed a clear position on its post-Brexit relations with the EU, warning that only “six to eight weeks” remained to reach an agreement.

Success in the upcoming negotiations depended “largely on what it is Britain really wants, and on this the discussion has still not been entirely clear”, Merkel told a business conference in Berlin.

Report blames Myanmar army for 'large-scale' attacks on Rohingya

A US government investigation has found that Myanmar's military waged a planned and coordinated campaign of mass killings, gang rapes and other atrocities against the nation's Rohingya Muslim minority.

The State Department report, reviewed by Reuters news agency ahead of its expected release on Monday, could be used to justify further US sanctions against Myanmar authorities, said US officials.

But the report stopped short of describing the crackdown as genocide or crimes against humanity.

Italian government adopts hardline anti-migrant decree

Rome, Italy - Italy's council of ministers adopted on Monday a decree to regulate the government's much-touted crackdown on migration.

Dubbed the "Salvini decree" after Matteo Salvini, the country's far-right interior minister who drafted it, the document is an emergency instrument that parliament must convert into law within 60 days, but can also be extended. 

What next for Russian-Israeli relations?

Russian-Israeli relations are currently going through the worst crisis they have witnessed in recent years. On September 17, an incident involving Israeli F-16 jets resulted in the downing of a Russian reconnaissance plane, killing all its 15 crew members.

Russia to send S-300 missile defence systems to Syria

Moscow will bolster Syria's air defence following the downing of a Russian plane last week by sending a modern S-300 system to the Syrian army within two weeks, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

In a televised statement on Monday, Shoigu said the decision to "transfer the modern S-300 air defence system to the Syrian armed forces within two weeks" was taken by President Vladimir Putin and is one of the "response measures".

Seven foot snake falls from attic hatch at Nuneaton home

A 7ft (2.1m) boa constrictor fell from an attic onto the landing as the hatch was opened.

Stephen Hope and his wife Annette were left "stunned" after the reptile fell at their home in Stockingford, Nuneaton.

"I'd only gone up there to look for some books, it was pretty frightening", Mr Hope said.

The snake, thought to be 14 years old, is now being cared for at the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary.


Tiger Woods comeback: A tale of implausible redemption it is hard to resist

There was a period, very recently, where the only time you thought about Tiger Woods was to wonder when the official retirement announcement was going to arrive.

That was when you thought about him at all. Woods was a distant ghost, a beautiful memory banished - by a combination of injury and self-inflicted scandal - to the peripheries of a sport he had once dominated.

He was a man with a body so wrecked that he struggled to bend down to pick his ball up from the cup. He chunked drives, and the yips snagged his pitching wedge and his putter.

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